Monday, August 17, 2009

my intro to blogging

I do not feel overwhelmed by this use of this technology which is often the case. I am sort of visualizing this experience as an open forum for discussion even though we are all not in the same room which is in itself rather intriguing. The experience of looking through blogs that I might find interesting really has made me want to find blogs related to my particular interests. I do not mean to say the choices provided were boring just that now that I have a schema for what a blog is I want to seek out blogs that pertain to my particular work.


  1. I would imagine most of the people blogging are only doing so because of an interest in the topic area-- blogging to me is only viable when used by bloggers who have facts not only opinions

  2. I following a great site on literacy. Part of the site offers a blog as well as other useful resources and information around literacy. Of course, that is a huge interest area of mine. I also follow my daugher's site when she trained for and ran the Boston marathon this year after a terrible bike accident (breaking her neck) the year before. Of course, I was very interested in that! But, I wouldn't just read anything!!

  3. I'm glad you got some inspiration for chasing a new source of learning, Val. This is one way in which many people share their knowledge and love of learning. We've got to make time if it's important.