Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday's thoughts

The morning has worked very well for me. I liked the time where I could choose the articles that I wanted to read and the videos that I wanted to watch to learn about RSS. I need repetition probably more than others when information is related to the computer. I liked the different formats for learning and feel that you two did an excellent job of picking videos are articles that were not too content dense...my attention did not wander. All has gone well.


  1. I agree that having the time to play around and practice is very helpful. I too need lots of practice coupled with a set of written directions. I have been taking notes as I go but a specific Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 would be helpful for when we leave this room.

  2. I found the time to go at my own pace really helpful. Lots of practice time will be very important to me with all of this new leaning. I think I am beginning to understand why some people I know are always on the computer!

  3. Val,
    I am glad that you found the format of the class page useful and easy to navigate. I was so impressed by how quickly the class attacked RSS feeds after spending individual time with tutorials, articles, examples, etc. Remember, the class page will be available long after class is over....as will Steve and I.

    I think I saw some "light bulbs" going off in your head today as you begin to comprehend how this whole web 2.0 is constructed!